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Program 1


Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy is a form of pressure therapy that has its origins in the oriental healing arts of Shiatsu and Accupressure. Raymond Nimmo DC and James Vannerson DC have utilized the fundatmental principles of the oriental healing arts and created a very specific hands-on therapy for the reduction and/or treatment of chronic myofascial pain.

This powerful therapy normalizes and harmonizes two very important body systems: the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. It works toward the stress-tension pain cycle and the dissolving of long term pain patterns.

With the Integrative approach, neuromuscular therapy is brought into a more compassionate mode by utilizing bodywork, moist heat and herbal liniments to prepare the tissue before penetrating into the deeper layers of muscles. This makes the treatments more effective: less uncomfortable for the client and more rewarding and meaningful for the therapist.

This powerful and very effective therapy is presented in a 7 day format, presenting step by step treatment plans for the entire body, with clearly illustated class notes. View the syllabus to see the in-depth content of the course.

Private and group trainings are offered in Denver, Colorado or your location with a custom program

The instructor, Peggy Daugherty ND has 46 years of professional experience to share with her students. She offers the training in intensive formats, with skill and enthusiasm. She is continuing the history of teaching advanced manual therapies, with a dedication that will inspire those who study with her.

" I took my first class eigtht years ago right after finishing massage school. Her incredible notes and step by step instruction helped me to be a much better therapist. I have learned more from her classes than from anyone else. I attribute much of my success to ther techniuqes which have many of my clients. The NMT techniques have created many opportunites to work deeply and save my own arms and hands. This has helped me to have a steady and financially successful clientele. Thank you Peggy" K.Roberts, Denver, Colorado


Denver, Colorado:

Introductory Lecture -2023 Dates to be announced (sign up to be contacted)

Class Notes #1 - 2023 Dates to be announced

Class Notes #2 - 2023 Dates to be announced

Class Notes #3 - 2023 Dates to be announced

Class Notes #4 - 2023 Dates to be announced

Class Notes #5 - 2023 Dates to be announced

Class Notes #6 - 2023 Dates to be announced

Class Notes #7 - 2023 Dates to be announced

For content, refer to syllabus


Neuromuscular Therapy has provided successful treatment in many cases of:

*headaches of all types, facial pain, jaw pain

*sinus pain and congestion

*whiplash, neck pain, limited range of motion

* lower back pain, sciatic inflammation

*kyphosis, scoliosis or lordosis

*shoulder, arm or hand pain: tingling or numbness

*carpal tunnel syndrome

*leg or foot pain: tingling or numbness

*abdominal disturbances, digestive disorders

*poor posture


*athletic injuries

*stress and anxiety

*limited range of motion in most joints

* maintaining excellent health


Taught by Peggy Daugherty ND, who has 46 years of professional experience and specializes in the treatment of pain, stress and injuries to the cranium

Contact her for more information

Denver, Colorado: 303-596-5341

" The neuromuscular class was a delight to take.

The notes with anatomical illustrations and step by step instruction are fabulous and really helped us visual learners to comprehend and internalize the theory and the hands-on work

Having a model demo and then practicing the routines on each other with her imput and guidance also helped to really grasp and experience the therapy as it should be done. I gained confidence in using neuromuscular therapy as well as gaining a heighten sense of intuition for the feel of the tissues under my hands.

I liked the small class setting and felt free to ask questions and seek advice on my technique when I was not quite confident. I feel we as a class received individual attention and care as needed.

I have been using NMT more in my practice since taking the class. I feel more able to identify trigger points and treat them effectively. Using the whole back routine to clear muscle groups has been very helpful to my clients. Another client had an emotional release when working on the rhomboids.

Meeting Peggy's former students who think so highly of her teaching is quite a testimonial in itself. I have reccommended the classes to many of my co-workers and fellow studentmates. I look foward to further studies with Peggy" C.Pettigrew--Denver, Colorado


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